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How to cancel the 730/2024 already submitted

How to Cancel the Already Submitted 730/024 Declaration

As of May 27th, it is possible to proceed with the cancellation of the already transmitted declaration.
Starting from May 20th, the pre-filled in model 730, made available by the Revenue Agency since April 30th, can be modified, integrated, corrected, and submitted.

Why Cancel the Submitted 730?

Sending, thanks to pre-filled models, autonomously through the Revenue Agency’s portal has become more common in recent years.
However, this increased autonomy also raises the likelihood of oversights or mistakes.

Options After Submitting the Declaration

If, after submission, you realize that you forgot deductible expenses or made errors in the declaration, you can cancel the already submitted 730.
This operation can only be done once per tax year; make sure to act accordingly.

If errors are noticed after June 20th, other procedures should be followed for corrections.

Canceling the Already Submitted 730/2024: Step-by-Step Guide

To cancel a submitted 730, log into your private area on the Revenue Agency’s portal, verify that the submission receipt says “Elaborated,” and then select “Request cancellation of 730.”

Cancelling the 730 will delete all entered data and also remove any F24 forms for tax payment associated with it.

If you forgot or incorrectly entered data, you can file a correction through the “corrective income” form.

Deadline for Cancellation

The deadline to cancel a declaration is June 20th, whereas the final deadline for submitting tax declarations is September 30th.

Thus, you have a limited window to rectify any mistakes and file a correct declaration by the latter date.

Next Steps After Cancellation

After canceling a declaration, a new one must be submitted promptly to avoid penalties for non-submission.

Clicking on “Request cancellation of 730” marks the declaration as pending until a revised version is uploaded within 24 to 48 hours.

Correcting the Declaration Post-Cancellation Deadline

If corrections are needed after June 20th, you can approach a Caf or authorized intermediary for an additional 730 model or file a “corrective income” form online until October 15th.
After this date, an “integrative income” model can be used.

Utilizing the Revenue Agency’s portal or intermediaries for submitting the 730/2024 and its revisions is recommended to prevent errors and ensure all deductions are accounted for.

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