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Applying for an Italian Passport through Poste Italiane: Timelines, Costs, and Procedures

Poste Italiane: A New way to Get Your Passport

Many might not know about the experimental project involving Poste Italiane to respond to the high demand for passports.
It is now possible to request the renewal or issuance of a passport at some post offices, and soon this opportunity will be extended throughout Italy.
Starting from July 2024, the “Polis electronic passport” project – which allows passport issuance at post offices – will gradually be expanded to all Italian municipalities, not just those with more than 15,000 inhabitants as initially planned.

How to Get a Passport with Poste Italiane

Getting a new passport or renewing an existing one through Poste Italiane is not difficult at all.
The procedure is similar to the traditional one at the Police Headquarters.
However, it’s essential to ensure eligibility for the service.
As of today (May 21, 2024), there are just over 1,500 enabled desks in the following Italian regions: Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy, Sardinia, Emilia-Romagna, and Veneto.

The applicant must have their residence or domicile in the respective municipality.
This list is expected to grow progressively to include all Italian municipalities.
It is advisable to check the updated list on the official Poste Italiane website to see if one can apply for a passport at a post office.
The government aims for a fast process, so the waiting time could be shorter compared to the appointment wait at the police headquarters.


Those falling under these categories cannot apply for a passport at post offices:

  • Holders of dual passports
  • Applicants for temporary passports
  • Citizens registered in the AIRE (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)
  • Beneficiaries of exemption from fingerprint and/or signature detection
  • Citizens holding an old passport issued by an embassy or consulate abroad

Documents Needed

To apply for a passport with Poste Italiane, one should visit the enabled office in their municipality, bringing:

  • Two passport photos meeting the standards, with one legalized
  • An administrative fee of 73.50 euros paid through a telematic stamp
  • A payment proof of 42.50 euros to the Treasury Department
  • A valid identity document
  • The old passport or a report of theft/loss for renewals
  • A self-certification of residence

Currently, only adults can request a passport at post offices, but the procedure is expected to open to minors too.
After submitting the documents, the post office operator takes biometric data and provides a receipt to the applicant.

Processing Times and Costs

The passport issuance times at Poste Italiane are similar to those at the police headquarters, typically taking 15 to 30 days for verification.
The application process is significantly faster; one can queue at the post office or quickly book an appointment.
The total cost for a passport at Poste Italiane is around 116 euros, plus the fee for the photos and the small fee for photo legalization.

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