How to sell a dog legally

Selling a dog is not as simple as you might think, there are legal aspects to take into consideration if you want to legally give a puppy to a new family.
In fact, it is truly impossible not to fall in love with a little dog looking for an affectionate owner.
Yet, even if you are a true dog lover, you can't always keep all the puppies you would like.
You could therefore find yourself faced with the need to reluctantly give up a puppy, or the entire litter of your dog.
However, before printing the adverts, making a hasty choice, it would be advisable to know what the law requires.
In fact, when you decide to see a dog there are documents to draw up and more.
The sale of pets, such as dogs, especially puppies and purebreds, can create problems.
Here's everything you need to know about it.
How to sell a dog: what does Italian law say? In Italy, unlike other countries, it is legal to sell purebred animals, both in shops and in professional and amateur breeders, so if you want to sell your own puppy: no one forbids it, you are free to do so.
However, it is important to know Legislative Decree no.
529/92, which prohibits the marketing of animals without pedigree, selling them as "bred animals".
It is not illegal to sell a dog without a pedigree, but it is illegal to sell them to the customer as purebred animals, as stated in a note on the ENCI (National Institute of Italian Cynophilia) website.
Furthermore, the Decree provides for a fine ranging from 10,000-60,000 euros for anyone who sells an animal without respecting the current legislation.
read also What are the dangerous dogs in Italy, all the prohibitions The obligation to register with the dog registry It is important to make sure you have drawn up all the necessary documents at the time of sale.
Among these there is certainly the registry certificate.
It is important to ensure that the puppy is registered in the pet registry.
Registration is mandatory and must take place within 60 days of the birth of the puppy or within 10 days of the transfer of ownership of the dog.
How to sell a dog: the transfer of ownership Among the documents necessary for the legal sale of a dog we still find the transfer of ownership.
This document does not pose any difficulties.
First of all, you need to know that it is released when the microchip is inserted.
In fact, as required by law, at the time of sale the dog must be equipped with a small subcutaneous device, applied by an ASL veterinarian, in which the data of the dog and its owner are recorded in a 15-digit magnetic code: the name , surname, tax code, telephone number and address of the owner; the name, breed, sex, age, coat color, size, microchip number of the dog.
Microchipping is mandatory on all dogs born after 2004.
Upon microchipping, the veterinarian will issue the owner a copy of the microchip certificate with the information it contains, signed by the owner and the veterinarian.
On that sheet there is a form dedicated to the possible transfer of ownership, where the new owner's data must be entered, together with the date on which the dog was transferred with the signatures of the old and new owner.
This sheet must then be taken within 15 days to the ASL where the transfer of ownership of the dog was registered.
read also Becoming a dog trainer: how to work with dogs in a few simple steps Selling a dog: how to obtain pedigree certification? To avoid committing crimes, as mentioned, it is not enough to self-certify the breed of the dog: you need the pedigree, the certificate of registration in the Genealogical Books, which in Italy is issued by ENCI (National Institute of Italian Cynophilia) for dogs and by ANFI (Italian National Feline Association) for cats, and certifies the dog's belonging to a particular breed.
The document also indicates the personal data of both the owner and the breeder, including the genealogy of the puppy.
In Italy there is therefore an obligation to have a pedigree for anyone who sells a purebred dog.
To obtain the pedigree, the breeder of the litter must register the dog puppies in the Italian Origin Registry (ROI).
These are therefore the most important documents to have when you decide to sell a puppy, both to avoid committing crimes and to guarantee the maximum protection of the dog, which faces a delicate moment, such as insertion into the new family, gaining confidence with the house and the new owners.
It is always good to remember that even though we are talking about bureaucratic documents for a legal sale, we are still talking about living beings and it is therefore good that attention is totally focused on the well-being of the little dog or dog, looking for a family present and affectionate.
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