How to cancel your Internet subscription without penalties

Nowadays, almost everyone in the house has an active internet subscription.
Browsing the web without limits is essential to staying connected.
There are many operators that offer unlimited internet connection service with very fast connections via fiber in exchange for a monthly subscription.
What you sign with the manager is a real service supply contract, a bit like for electricity or gas.
Withdrawing from the contract without penalties is sometimes not easy, but there are circumstances in which it is possible.
That is, when you are within the limits of the right to change your mind, when there is a unilateral modification of the contract or for just cause.
What does canceling the subscription mean? Canceling a subscription and therefore withdrawing from the contract is the action carried out by the consumer which puts an end to the contract stipulated with the operator in question in order to then be free to stipulate another with another operator.
This is a right of the user who can decide to withdraw from the contract at any time.
But this event is not always free and without penalties.
It is the fault of the contracts and the consequent annotations placed within them by the operators who, to defend themselves from withdrawal, insert sums to be paid in the event of early closure.
The only ways to avoid paying any penalty are, as previously mentioned, either within the limits of the right to change your mind or in the event of a unilateral or fair modification of the contract.
The right to reconsider is provided for by art.
52 of the Consumer Code and applies with reference to distance contracts concluded with a consumer.
The user has 14 days from the moment of signing the contract to change his mind and cancel without paying any penalty or extra costs.
To exercise the right to change your mind, you must send a communication to the manager via registered mail with return receipt, certified e-mail or fax.
The other circumstance is in case of unilateral modification of the contract.
If the manager makes changes to the contract, he is obliged to notify the user and he will have the right to withdraw without penalty within a set period and free of charge.
Canceling your internet subscription for just cause We talk about just cause when the connection speed is too slow or when there is a malfunction that is not resolved.
The operators provide a minimum browsing speed, which is reported on the site, but this is often not respected.
If, with the necessary analysis on the line, we were to sail at a speed below that established in the contract, then we have the conditions to withdraw from the contract for just cause and without penalties.
So first we need to carry out a speed test that has legal value.
To carry out correct monitoring it would be advisable to repeat the test at different times and leaving only one device connected to the network at a time.
To obtain a certificate that constitutes true legal proof it is necessary to perform the analysis using the software.
approved by the Communications Authority.
Once we have ascertained the slow connection speed, we can send a complaint to the company providing the service requesting the restoration of the minimum guaranteed standards.
If this does not happen, after 45 days from the first
certificate, a second measurement must be carried out.
At that point you can request cancellation of the contract for just cause and therefore without penalties.
If the operator issues a closing invoice containing these amounts, it is not due and must be claimed as illegitimate.
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