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Pay slip, what is due to those who earn 500 euros a month

Having a job is not always a guarantee of self-support: think for example of those who work part-time, thus not being able to earn enough to get to the end of the month without worries.
Without forgetting then there are sectors in which people are still underpaid: let's think of those workers who are still uncovered by collective bargaining, or those who are employed in a sector in which a "pirate" collective bargaining agreement is applied, signed by smaller trade unions under conditions much less favorable than the more applied ones.
Unfortunately, therefore, it is not so rare to come across people who earn around 500 euros net per month, a minimum amount which alone is certainly not enough to raise a family or in any case to go and live alone.
Suffice it to say that 500 euros is the basic amount of the citizen's income, a figure that is even exceeded by the social allowance that the INPS recognizes upon reaching the age of 67 to people who are in a state of economic need.
In this regard, it is legitimate to ask – especially in light of the latest news of the 2024 Budget law with which various paycheck bonuses have been introduced (or confirmed) – what is due to those who earn 500 euros a month, as well as whether other forms exist support to supplement the income received.
Paycheck bonus for those who earn 500 euros per month.
First of all, it must be specified that with a salary of 500 euros per month you do not pay Irpef, since you are within the no tax area: within a threshold of 8,174 euros per year, in fact, the tax due is completely eliminated by employee deductions.
This represents good news as it means that only the contribution rates apply to the gross salary (also reduced in 2023 as well as in 2024), with the gross therefore being very similar to the net.
However, there is not only good news: the fact that you do not pay Irpef, which means that you are insolvent, precludes you from paying the supplementary treatment – ex Renzi bonus – worth 100 euros per month.
Therefore, the only bonus that applies to a salary of 500 euros is the one resulting from the contribution relief, with which the contribution rate payable by the worker is lowered from 9.19% to 2.19%.
This means that if previously on a gross salary of 550 euros you paid around 50 euros in contributions, thus arriving at a net of 500 euros, thanks to the application of the relief around 12 euros are paid, with the net salary rising to 538 EUR.
Thanks to the contribution relief, a salary that was previously 500 euros net should now have risen by around 38 euros: remember that it should have been like this for months, as the relief has been applied to this extent since last July.
There will be no differences even with the transition to the new year, given that the latest budget law confirms it for the whole of 2024 (with the sole exclusion of the thirteenth month's salary).
read also How to ask the judge for a salary increase and when it is best to do so What aid can be requested with a salary of 500 euros There is no aid aimed at those with a net salary of 500 euros; however, since it is a very low amount there is a good chance that it falls within the threshold that gives access to a series of benefits, especially if it is the only source of income for the family unit.
In detail, anyone who earns 500 euros – and for this reason is presumed to have a very low ISEE – and lives in a large family in which there is no other income, can apply for Citizenship Income (expiring on 31 December 2023) or 'Inclusion allowance starting from next year (but only if there is at least one disabled, minor or over-sixty member in the household).
Anyone who earns 500 euros a month, with an annual income of 6,000 euros, thanks to the Citizenship Income, receives a monthly income supplement equal to 200 euros for each other adult member, 100 euros for minors, in addition to the reimbursement for any rent up to a maximum of 280 euros per month.
The case of the Inclusion Allowance is different, where the increase of 200 euros is due only in the presence of adults who are burdened with care burdens (minors or disabled) or of those over sixty.
However, an increase of 250 euros is due in the presence of disabled people.
In the case of minor children, however, the supplement is no more than 100 euros, but rather 75 euros for children under 3 years of age, 50 euros for those who exceed this threshold.
The reimbursement of the rent up to 280 euros per month is confirmed.
In the presence of dependent children, the single allowance is also due which with an ISEE of less than 16,215 euros is equal to 189.20 euros for each minor, with the addition of a series of increases.
It is also important to underline that with an annual income that does not exceed 8,145 euros you can still be registered as unemployed at the employment centre.
This, for example, gives the right to exemption from the health copay which is due to the unemployed with a family income of less than 8,263.31 euros (increased to 11,362.65 in the presence of a spouse, and a further 516.46 euros for each dependent child).

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