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Easiest Universities in Italy: Here Are the Simplest Degrees to Achieve

Choosing the Right University Degree: Factors to Consider

Choosing which university faculty to undertake is not easy, and students often wonder which degrees are “easier” to obtain.
In reality, there is no single answer or absolute truth.

After completing high school, students who wish to continue their studies must choose the most suitable university faculty, thus determining their future professional path.

However, not all students have clear ideas right away, and sometimes it takes time to understand which is the most suitable study path.
A path that – let’s remember – can change if one realizes they prefer another direction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a University Degree

There are several variables that future university students must take into consideration to make the best choice for themselves, such as economic availability and study propensity.
In some cases, freshmen prefer to consider the difficulty of the academic path, wondering which degree is the easiest to obtain.

Choosing an “easier” University would therefore be dictated by the logic of entering the job market as soon as possible.

But what are the “easiest degrees” then? Some statistical studies have tried to give a comprehensive answer, considering that the only key to finding a “simple” path is constancy and commitment to studying.

Criteria for Identifying Easy or Difficult Degrees to Obtain

There are multiple criteria that should guide a student in searching for the right University and the right degree path.
Some students also use the “ease” of the study path as a criterion, even though it is not the best criterion, as each student should follow their own inclinations.

A study conducted by Durham University in the UK in 2023 provides criteria for distinguishing between easy and difficult faculties.
Among the factors taken into consideration are grades, number of students, pass rate, and average grades.

Choosing the Most Suitable University Faculty

Choosing a University based on “ease” can be a debatable criterion stemming from a competitive narrative of the University world, where those who graduate more quickly and with higher grades are rewarded.

Such social pressures can lead to wrong choices.
Every university path is personal, and not only exams should be taken into consideration, but also the amount of study and personal growth that the student experiences within the university, thanks to contact with professors.

Ranking of the Easiest Degrees in Italy

The study identifies humanities faculties as the easiest university courses, but this common belief does not consider the study workload, the amount of books, and analytical skills required from students.
It also neglects the difficulty of subjects such as Latin and Greek.

Other studies recommend considering telematic universities, as they provide distance learning through tutors, educational tools, and e-learning platforms, offering facilitated content consumption.

Are Humanities Degrees Really Easier?

With the evolution of employment scenarios, humanities subjects have been reassessed.
According to Harvard University studies, these studies provide soft skills necessary to enter the job market.

For a student inclined towards mathematics, studying and analyzing novels for each literature course might not be as easy.
Each student has their own inclinations.

How to Make Your University Path Easier

After choosing a faculty, the question might be: how to make your university path easier? Here are some useful tips: time management, study methods, communication with professors, and attention to bureaucracy.

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