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How much Chiara Ferragni earns: the entrepreneur's assets

How much does Chiara Ferragni earn? An undoubtedly legitimate question given that we are talking about the highest paid Italian influencer in the world according to the ranking of the richest on Instagram, capable, together with her husband Fedez, of setting up a sort of small economic empire.
According to an estimate made by Corriere della Sera, Chiara Ferragni can count on a fortune of 40 million euros, more than quadrupled compared to the 9 million attested by Forbes in 2017.
If you are curious to know how much Chiara Ferragni earns per month, it might be enough to be aware of the fact that it has been estimated that he can earn around 93,000 euros for each social post, while considering all the other income items for Cosmopolitan it would reach 864,000 euros per month, or 33 cents per second.
Born in 1987, Chiara Ferragni studied Law at Bocconi but never graduated.
In 2009 she opened her blog The Blonde Salad, kickstarting the fashion blogger phenomenon in Italy and becoming increasingly famous worldwide.
Her intuition and her ability to create a million-dollar business starting from a fashion blog made her a case study at Harvard University.
Between Instagram, contracts as testimonials for various brands, a documentary film released in cinemas, a docuseries on Amazon Prime and her three companies, let's see Chiara Ferragni's assets and in detail how much she earns as an influencer, model, testimonial and woman of 'business.
read also How much does Fedez earn: assets, fee and takings How much does Chiara Ferragni earn: assets As mentioned, according to the most recent estimates, Chiara Ferragni's assets would be 40 million euros, to which must be added the 20 million invoiced by her husband Fedez in 2023.
In 2016 Forbes included Ferragni in the list of the thirty most influential under 30 in the world, estimating at the time a net worth of 8 million dollars which then rose to 9 million in 2017.
Over time Chiara Ferragni has gained followers (who today are 29.5 million on Instagram) and mind-boggling salaries: after collaborating with some of the most important stylists and fashion designers in the world, she became a testimonial for Pantene, Morellato, Calzedonia and Intimissimi.
But let's now see how much Chiara Ferragni earns as a successful CEO and business woman.
Her Tbs Crew, of which she is the majority shareholder, manages the blog/e-commerce The Blond Salad and the talent agency that takes care of her image, that of her sister Valentina Ferragni and the makeup artist Manuele Mameli (with whom Chiara launched the Makeup masterclasses costing from 350 to 650 euros).
The company closed 2019 with a net profit of around 450 thousand euros, lower than 2018, but overall revenues increased, equal to 6.4 million euros.
The profit was distributed in full as a dividend to the shareholders and 248 thousand euros went to Ferragni.
General manager Fabio Maria Damato declared to Il Sole 24 Ore that Tbs Crew's turnover in 2023 should be 18.9 million euros, with overall net profits of 8.5 million.
In 2022, however, revenues were 14.6 million, more than double the 7.1 million in 2021.
In the first months of 2020 the effects of the pandemic also affected Tbs Crew, but Ferragni stated that "the company is still growing and that this small contraction will not significantly affect the economic results of 2020".
This is because, he explains, "the company continued to sign commercial agreements and implemented measures to contain the negative effects of Covid-19 such as social safety nets and smart working".
According to what reported by Truenumbers, in total in 2020 its turnover was 19 million euros for a profit of 2.73 million.
In detail, his marketing and image rights management company Sisterhood in 2020 had a turnover of 12.9 million for a profit of 5.76 million, The Blonde Salad 4.8 million for 0.45 million in profit and, finally, Fenice ended up in the red by 3.48 million against a turnover of 1.27 million.
The reason for the liabilities of Fenice, which manages the Chiara Ferragni Collection brand, is easy to say: a penalty of 4.1 million which was paid to Pasquale Morgese, its historic former partner.
According to an article in the Sole 24 Ore which was then also taken up by the interested party with a post on her Instagram page, in 2022 the companies in her group would have significantly increased their turnover.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni) “The Fenice srl has a turnover of 61 million euros – we read in the article -.
It closed 2022 with revenues of 14.2 million, up 115% on 2021.
The net revenues of the second company in the hands of Chiara Ferragni, Tbs Crew, instead went from 7.1 million in 2021 to 14.6 of 2022 (+105%)”.
Also for Il Sole 24 Ore, Fenice's turnover in 2023 should be a total of 71 million, 10 million more than in 2022.
Chiara Ferragni: how much she earns with Instagram According to the famous social media analysis and monitoring site Hopper HQ, which publishes the earnings of the most profitable profiles every year, Chiara Ferragni earns up to 82,100 dollars per sponsored post.
This figure places it in 72nd place in the ranking, but in 1st if we restrict the circle to our country.
And, strange but true, in fourth place is Fedez, her husband and father of her two children.
For a sponsored post on his profile, companies pay Fedez up to 43,600 dollars.
According to Corriere della Sera, today Chiara Ferragni earns a whopping 102,000 dollars per post with a social post.
The pandoro affair and the investigation for aggravated fraud Since she became famous, there have been many controversies surrounding Chiara Ferragni.
The latest concerns the Balocco pandori affair, with the companies attributable to her having been fined over 1 million euros by the Antitrust for incorrect practice, while the company will have to pay out 420,000 euros.
“The companies made it clear to consumers that by purchasing the Ferragni 'branded' pandoro they would contribute to a donation to the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin – we read in the Authority's press release -.
The donation, of 50,000 euros, had already been made by Balocco alone months earlier.
The companies attributable to Chiara Ferragni have collected over one million euros from the initiative”.
The influencer quickly apologized for the affair, speaking of a "communication error" and announcing a donation of 1 million euros – the same amount received by the company – to Regina Margherita with the check that was immediately given .
Now, however, the Milan Prosecutor's Office has investigated Chiara Ferragni and Alessandra Balocco, president and managing director of the Piedmontese company of the same name, for aggravated fraud.
“I am calm because I have always acted in good faith and I am sure that this will emerge from the ongoing investigations” – declared Ferragni regarding the investigation -.
I have full faith in the activity of the judiciary and I immediately made myself available with my lawyers to collaborate and clarify every detail of what happened in the shortest time possible.
I am, however, deeply disturbed by the exploitation that some of the media is carrying out, even by spreading news that is objectively untrue." The story of the pandori may not be the only charity operation conducted by the influencer with unclear contours.
In fact, there is talk of similar operations also regarding Dolci Preziosi's Easter eggs, a doll produced by Trudi and a collaboration with Oreo.
Following several complaints presented by Codacons, other prosecutors are also said to be at work.
read also What is the risk of Chiara Ferragni being investigated for aggravated fraud How much did Chiara Ferragni earn in Sanremo In 2023 Chiara Ferragni was one of the co-hosts of the Sanremo Festival, alongside Amadeus during the first and fifth evenings of the singing event.
There are no official figures regarding how much Chiara Ferragni earned in Sanremo, but usually each co-host receives a token of 25,000 euros which in this case would become 50,000 euros given the two evenings in which she was busy on the Ariston stage.
Before the start of the Festival, the influencer however announced that he had donated the entire fee to the DiRe Donne in rete association against violence.
From the TV series to advertisements: the Ferragnez's other earnings Chiara Ferragni together with her husband Fedez were also the protagonists of a documentary film (Chiara Ferragni – Unposted) and a TV series (The Ferragnez).
Chiara Ferragni – Unposted is a documentary released in 2019 that told the life of the entrepreneur, grossing a total of 1,601,499 euros in three days of programming, a record for documentaries at the cinema.
The work was then broadcast by Rai Due and made available on Amazon Prime Video, the same platform as the series The Ferragnez now in its second season where the two talk about their daily lives.
“According to investigations by – we read on -, the website of the Ministry of Culture would have revealed the cost of The Ferragnez (in this specific case we are talking about the first season even if the cost of the second chapter of the series should be around to the same numbers) which would be equal to a total of 5,695,287.00 euros.
Therefore, each episode of the series would have cost approximately 710,000 euros per episode, therefore approximately 14,238 euros per minute." As for advertising, after the Pandori case, a giant like Coca Cola backed out of a contract that included a commercial to be broadcast also during the Sanremo Festival.
“And it is inevitable that in the coming weeks and months, other contracts will fail and collaborations planned for 2024 will be frozen – advertiser Massimo Guastini explained to Mowmag -.
We are talking about damage of several million euros which I believe is around 20 million, considering the foreseeable damage, even if it is difficult to make an exact estimate, but we are certainly talking about many millions of euros".

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