Help to buy a house, everything you can request

Buying a house today is certainly not an easy thing.
Mortgage rates for home purchases have undergone significant increases in the last year.
To this it must be added that banks are becoming increasingly demanding with the requirements to be met to grant loans because they are afraid that those who request them, also due to the crisis, will not be able to repay the debt.
The main problem with housing, however, is that rents have also suffered increases in rent due to the increase in inflation.
Many families therefore find it difficult to choose whether to continue living in rent or take the difficult step of purchasing their own home.
What could help in this regard are all the aid put in place by the State to facilitate the purchase of a property.
Surely no one gives away the money to buy a house, but you can enjoy significant discounts on additional expenses.
Help for buying a house, everything you can request Concessions for the first home Concessions for purchasing a house under 36 Mortgage for a first home under 36 Concessions for purchasing a green house Public residential housing Concessions for the first home Important help that you can count on for years now is first home benefits when purchasing a property to be used as a main residence.
The discount you can count on concerns the taxes owed and varies based on whether the seller is a private individual or a company.
If you purchase from a private individual you will be entitled to: a significant reduction on the registration tax which will be due at 2% instead of 9%; fixed mortgage tax of 50 euros; fixed cadastral tax of 50 euros.
For those who purchase, however, from a company with sales subject to VAT you will be entitled to: a reduction on VAT of 4% instead of 10%; fixed registration tax of 200 euros; fixed mortgage tax of 200 euros; fixed cadastral tax of 200 euros.
House purchase benefits under 36 For those under 36 who want to buy a house, the under 36 house bonus has been extended throughout 2023, which buyers who have not turned 36 and can benefit from who have an ISEE not exceeding 40,000 euros.
The benefits that under 36s can enjoy when purchasing their first home are: in the case of sales not subject to VAT, exemption from registration, land registry and mortgage taxes; for sales subject to VAT, exemption from registration, cadastral and mortgage taxes and a tax credit equal to the amount of VAT paid to the seller.
First home mortgage under 36 For those who purchase their first home if they have not reached the age of 36, over to the home bonus under 36, there is also the possibility of having subsidized mortgages with a State guarantee on 80% of the principal amount of the loan.
The access requirements are the same as those for the home bonus, i.e.
up to the age of 36 and ISEE up to 40,000 euros.
This benefit should also be extended to 2024.
read also Extension of first home mortgages for under 36s in 2024, the requirements change Green house purchase benefits If you purchase a house in energy class A and B directly from the construction company, you are entitled to a 50% deduction % of the VAT paid to the seller recoverable in 10 annual installments of the same amount.
The benefit, provided for by the 2023 Budget Law, expires on 31 December 2023.
Public Residential Housing For families who find themselves in financial difficulty and have problems both buying and renting a house, it is possible to request the inclusion in the ranking for the assignment of the so-called "public housing".
Beyond the citizenship and residence requirements, it is required to fall within certain parameters of ISEE value and asset value.
Since it is a benefit granted at a regional level, it is necessary to consult the notice of your Region of residence to find out in more detail the requirements to be respected.

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