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How to Fill in Property Order Number on Form 730/2024 Section IIIA and IIIB

How to Fill in Sections IIIA and IIIB of the 730/2023 Model

Sections IIIA and IIIB of Frame E of the 730/2023 model must be completed by individuals who have carried out renovations on properties.
One of the biggest challenges for the taxpayer is indicating the order number of the properties, which also involves entering a progressive number for the renovated properties.

Purpose of the Progressive Number

The progressive number serves to identify each renovated property.
To understand how to fill in these sections correctly, taxpayers can refer to the instructions provided by the Revenue Agency along with the tax forms.

In this article, we will explore how to fill in sections IIIA and IIIB by indicating the correct progressive order number for properties undergoing building renovations, both for privately managed projects and condominium projects.

When to Fill in Sections IIIA and IIIB of Frame E

These two sections of Frame E only concern individuals who have carried out renovation works on their properties.
In these sections, the identifying information of the properties must be provided to claim the relevant tax deductions.

Column 10 of Section IIIA

Column 10 of Section IIIA must also be filled out.
In this column, a progressive number must be used for each property undergoing renovation.

If a property has undergone a private renovation, number 1 should be used.
If a property has been renovated multiple times, number 1 should still be used on multiple lines, as they all refer to the same property.

However, if the same property has undergone both private and condominium renovations, number 1 should be used for private works and number 2 for condominium works.

It is important to note that this section should only be completed for the tax year in which the expense was incurred (e.g., in 2024, it should be completed for expenses incurred in 2023).
For subsequent declarations involving installment payments, it is not necessary to re-enter all property details.

A separate line should be used for each property and each tax year.

How to Fill in Section IIIB?

In Section IIIB, the property’s order number should be entered in Column 1.
This number should match the one entered in Column 10 of Section IIIA.

However, if multiple renovations have been carried out on the same property (resulting in multiple entries in Section IIIA), only one entry should be made in Section IIIB for each progressive number.

For properties with both private and condominium interventions, only one entry should be made in Column 1 of Section IIIB for each progressive number used in Column 10 of Section IIIA.

In Column E of Section IIIB, the “Condominium” box should be ticked if interventions were made on common condominium areas.

In the following columns, up to 8, the cadastral data of the property must be entered.

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