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Teacher’s Payslip with Maternity Bonus: Reduced Amount? Here’s Why

Why Are Teachers’ Payslips With the Long-Awaited Maternity Bonus Lower Than Expected?

Teachers’ payslips with the long-awaited maternity bonus seem to disappoint working mothers in schools who are expressing dissatisfaction over receiving a lower amount than expected.
But why is the amount on the May paycheck with the maternity bonus, or rather the payslips, lower than initially announced?

A possible explanation comes from NoiPa, which had announced the urgent issuance of the maternity bonus arrears not only for school workers but also for all Public Administration personnel who meet the requirements set by law.

The Maternity Bonus Application and Payment Process

The maternity bonus is applied in the May 2024 payslip, soon to be paid out, yet it is disbursed through a second paycheck for the months not yet covered from January 2024 onwards.

So, let’s delve into why the amount on teachers’ payslips with the maternity bonus is lower than expected, a discussion that applies to all working mothers eagerly awaiting the decontribution.

Teachers who can already see the urgent issuance of arrears and the regular May paycheck, as well as other school working mothers of two or three children, might notice a reduction in the maternity bonus amount on their payslips compared to expectations.
The contribution waiver amounts to 100% of the Invalidity, Old Age, and Survivors’ (IVS) pension contribution quota, up to a maximum annual limit of 3,000 euros, or 250 euros monthly.

Explanation by NoiPa

NoiPa explains, however, that the maternity bonus is not cumulative but rather an alternative to the 6% or 7% contribution waiver introduced by the Meloni government a year ago.
The waiver has already been applied from January to March 2024; hence, the amount recognized for the 6% or 7% pension contribution waiver has been subtracted when calculating the amount of the maternity bonus arrears.

The pension waiver for April 2024, which would have been recognized in the May payslip, is entirely replaced by the maternity bonus since the two waivers are not cumulative.
This explains why teachers will receive less than expected.

Discontent Among Teachers and Working Mothers

There seems to be a sense of bitterness among teachers and other working mothers, as reported on social media, not only due to the reduced amount of the maternity bonus and arrears received.

Some teachers and working mothers are excluded from receiving the maternity bonus despite having two or three children because it is only paid to those with permanent contracts, to the detriment of precarious workers.

Moreover, teachers with two children are only granted the waiver for 2024 and until the child turns 10.
This decision is perceived as unfair by many.

It is important to remember that the maternity bonus is granted to all working mothers, including those in schools, with three or more children and permanent employment, for pay periods from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026, and until the child’s 18th birthday.
As an experiment, it is also extended to working mothers with two children, both in schools and beyond, with permanent employment, for pay periods from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, and up to the child’s tenth birthday.

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