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China’s Strategy to Conquer the World through TikTok, Data, and Artificial Intelligence

The Growing Concern Over China’s Data Collection Practices

China’s monitoring of user habits online through data shared on platforms like TikTok has raised widespread concerns globally.
The country’s ambitions to dominate the world through data collection extend well beyond this popular social network, encompassing various other platforms.
At the core of this digital landscape lies the crucial role of artificial intelligence.

Allegations and Responses

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Beijing’s influence operations are actively collaborating with Chinese tech companies to harvest personal data from popular social media apps, online games, and other platforms.
Conversely, Canadian security agencies have accused China of having access to TikTok users’ data for government purposes.

In response, David Vigneault, head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, warns of China’s strategic drive to acquire global personal information, emphasizing a clear pattern of data collection efforts.

The Role of ByteDance and AI

Within this context, ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, has emerged as a leader in the race for the most popular AI chatbot in China, surpassing competitors like Baidu Inc.
The company’s endeavors underline China’s broader strategy to collect strategically valuable data from diverse media, games, AI technologies, and other emerging platforms as part of its bid for global influence.

Despite mounting accusations and concerns, ByteDance denies any coordination with the Chinese government, while also challenging US legislative efforts to restrict its operations within the country.

TikTok’s Legal Battles and Data Security

TikTok’s legal skirmishes in the US reflect broader anxieties over data privacy and national security.
The app’s claims that Chinese officials cannot access US or European user data aim to assuage regulatory fears, yet skepticism remains regarding the efficacy of these safeguards.

ByteDance’s AI Advancements

ByteDance’s AI chatbot Doubao has surged ahead, outperforming rivals like Baidu in downloads and active users.
Under the leadership of CEO Liang Rubo, ByteDance has emphasized its AI prowess, with Doubao boasting millions of active users monthly, signaling the company’s technological edge in China’s competitive AI market.

These developments underscore not only the growing concerns surrounding China’s data practices but also the fierce competition and technological advancements unfolding within the global digital landscape.

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