Mandatory on all cars from July 1st: here’s what it is

Europe Records Grim Road Death Statistics

Recent data published by the European Commission revealed alarming numbers on road traffic accidents in 2023.
A staggering 20,400 people lost their lives in road incidents across Europe last year, marking only a 1% decrease compared to 2022.
Unfortunately, only a few countries are on track to meet the goal of halving road fatalities by 2030.

Stagnant Road Safety Trends

Countries like Spain, France, and Italy have seen consistent data from 2019 to the present.
On the other hand, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Sweden are experiencing even worse outcomes.
In Italy, there were 52 road fatalities per million inhabitants, compared to 54 the previous year.

Understanding the Statistics

Over half of the deaths, 52%, occurred on rural roads, 38% in urban areas, and 9% on highways.
Alarmingly, there has been no decrease in cyclist fatalities, with over 2,000 deaths reported annually.
To achieve the goal of zero road deaths by 2050, the European Union is considering various initiatives, with the mandatory Intelligent Speed Assistance system being the first to be implemented starting in July.

Intelligent Speed Assistance System Explained

Starting in July, all new cars must be equipped with the Intelligent Speed Assistance system to enhance road safety by limiting the speed of drivers who exceed the limits.
This technology continuously monitors drivers’ cruising speed and compares it to the posted speed limits using GPS connected to a camera that reads road signs.

If a driver surpasses the limit, an audible signal will be emitted, and a warning symbol will appear on the dashboard.
While modern vehicles already emit warnings when exceeding 130 kilometers per hour, this new system will alert drivers in all circumstances, even in urban areas.
If the vehicle does not slow down, the system will automatically engage, progressively reducing speed by limiting power or adjusting the accelerator pedal.

Although this system will be mandatory, drivers will retain control over their vehicles and can override or deactivate the system at any time.
The European Union’s commitment to road safety, highlighted by the disappointing road fatality statistics, underscores the urgency to achieve zero road deaths by 2050 within the framework of the broader European plan, Vision Zero.

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