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The world’s largest construction project is about to become a reality.

The Line: A Futuristic City Project Facing Challenges

There is no doubt that The Line will be built, but it will undergo a project revision.
The futuristic zero-emission city spanning 170 kilometers in the desert will come to life.
However, as explained by Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia’s project will need significant downsizing due to costs and the inability to meet certain expectations, such as deadlines.

Ambitious Projects in Saudi Arabia and the Birth of The Line

Saudi Arabia, known for its ambitious and opulent projects like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or artificial islands, is now focusing on The Line.
This city project is not only avant-garde but also a new concept of community integrated into an urban substrate with great respect for the environment.

The Line: Cost and Scale of the Project

The original plan for The Line entailed its development from the desert to the coast in Tabuk province, in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.
This city is just a part of Neom, an ambitious project aiming to enhance livability through the construction of cities and infrastructure.
The Line represents the “city of the future,” where citizens can move freely in a sustainable environment powered by renewable energy.

The project includes the construction of two intertwined skyscrapers, each 500 meters tall, 120 kilometers long, and 200 meters wide.
Due to their slight offset, the city is estimated to stretch 170 kilometers, equivalent to the distance between Milan and Modena.
Upon completion by 2045, The Line is expected to accommodate nine million residents on a 34-square-kilometer area, preserving 95% of the land.

Environmental Sustainability and Challenges

An innovative aspect of The Line is the ban on cars, with citizens relying on walking or an underground ultra-fast train for transportation.
Moreover, the city aims for energy self-sufficiency with zero emissions.
Despite its utopian goals, the project comes with a hefty price tag estimated at a staggering $1.5 trillion.

The Line’s Future Amid Adjustments and Investments

Recent reports indicate a drastic downsizing of The Line’s initial vision due to delays, with only a fraction completed by 2030.
This setback poses a risk to the project’s future, prompting Saudi Arabia to seek additional investments, like the recent roadshow in China.
Despite challenges, The Line remains secure financially, evidenced by a new $2.67 billion credit line.

The Line: Balancing Innovation and Criticisms

Despite being hailed as a sustainable city of the future prioritizing renewable energy and citizen well-being, The Line has faced criticism.
Environmentalists raise concerns about disrupting wildlife migration routes, while the displacement of the Howeitat tribe for construction has sparked debate.
The project’s path forward involves navigating these critiques while striving for a groundbreaking urban development.

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