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Political polls: Meloni is the "Giambruno effect", the Pd and M5s are on the rise

The latest political poll by Swg, released on 23 October by Enrico Mentana's La7 news, arrives after the "Giambruno-tsunami", with Giorgia Meloni who decided to leave her now ex-partner after the off-air reports broadcast by Striscia la News.
In fact, according to the survey Fratelli d'Italia would be growing compared to last week, with Meloni's sentimental affairs which could have influenced this new leap on the part of the Prime Minister's party.
Overall, the center-right would improve, given that Lega and Noi Moderati were certified as stable while there would be a slight decline on the part of Forza Italia.
The Carroccio, however, can rejoice for the reconfirmation of Maurizio Fugatti in the provincial elections in Trento while the Azzurri brought Adriano Galliani back to the Senate in the by-elections in Monza.
However, the survey would also seem to smile on the main opposition parties, with the Democratic Party now appearing closer to the psychological threshold of 20% and the 5 Star Movement appearing to be improving compared to the result obtained in the last elections.
Staying on the subject of elections, in the event of a vote the only hope for the Democratic Party to be able to worry Meloni would be to play as a team together with the 5 Star Movement: in Foggia where on Sunday in the first round of the administrative elections the Giallorossi presented themselves together with the moderate, the results were excellent given the victory in the first round.
read also European elections 2024, when do you vote in Italy? Date, electoral law and polls Political polls: Renzi brings Calenda closer The latest political poll by Swg sounds like a sort of failure for all those parties which, in the European elections which will be held on 9 June, have as their objective the exceeding of the threshold of barrier of 4%.
The poll would in fact bring Carlo Calenda back under the fateful bar, even if it appears to be very probable that in the European elections, where given the proportional voting system it is not possible to form coalitions but only "lists", in the end +Europa may decide to present itself together with Action .
Alone, the road would be all uphill also for the Green-Left Alliance – an agreement with the Unione Popolare would be difficult in this regard – a detail which has recently not escaped Matteo Renzi who in fact launched Il Centro, a container which has given itself as objective is to bring together our variegated centrist universe.
At the moment, however, inside this container there would only be the symbol of Italia Viva, given that Azione would no longer want to hear about Renzi like + Europa while the UDC would be looking with greater interest at the center-right and, in particular, at Forza Italia.
To try to regain ground in these months that separate us from the community vote, all these parties must concentrate above all on the large cauldron of undecided and non-voters: according to the survey, in fact, there are four out of ten voters who are not currently expressing their opinion.

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