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IMU Tax Benefits 2024: All Discounts and Eligibility

Understanding Property Tax Benefits in Italy

Property owners in Italy may be eligible for various Imu tax benefits, including exemptions and reductions.
In addition to exemptions, there are specific reductions available for the Single Municipal Tax (Imu).

What is Imu and Who Needs to Pay It?

Imu is a tax imposed on property owners (excluding primary non-luxury residences), agricultural land, and building areas.
While there are exemptions for certain situations, even when exemptions do not apply, there may still be entitlement to benefits that are often overlooked.

These benefits can vary from municipality to municipality, so it is always advisable to consult the resolutions of your municipality of residence.

Main Imu Tax Benefits Explained

Aside from the exemptions provided for specific cases, there are also benefits that allow for a reduced Imu payment.
The main advantages in this regard concern building areas owned and operated by direct farmers or professional agricultural entrepreneurs.

In these cases, building areas may not be considered as constructible when the land is used for agricultural or pastoral purposes.
Activities such as cultivation of the land, forestry, mushroom cultivation, and animal breeding can exempt the property from being considered a building area.

One of the most common Imu benefits is the 50% discount granted to properties of artistic or historical interest, effectively halving the taxable base of the tax.

This benefit also applies to all buildings that are uninhabitable and unusable.
Determining when a house is uninhabitable is crucial and must be certified by the Municipality’s technical office.
If the property remains uninhabitable for more than one year, there is no need to reapply for the reduction in the following years.

Moreover, a 50% reduction in the taxable base is granted when the property is loaned for free use to first-degree relatives.
Certain requirements must be met, including the property not being luxury, the relatives using it as their main residence, and the free use contract being properly registered.

Reduced Tax for Properties on Lease

Property owners who rent out their properties at agreed-upon rates are also entitled to substantial benefits.
They can enjoy a 75% reduction in the tax if the agreed rental price is below market value, in accordance with state regulations.

Understanding and taking advantage of these Imu tax benefits can lead to significant savings for property owners in Italy.

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