These Major Airlines Pay Generous Bonuses to Their Employees

Recognition through Bonuses for Employees in Successful Companies

As business thrives, large corporations are increasingly inclined to reward their employees for their contributions to success.
While not mandatory, companies are offering bonuses more frequently in recent years, demonstrating a growing consideration for employee well-being in the job market.

In the upcoming days, two major airlines will stand out for rewarding their employees with lavish bonuses.
On one side, amidst recent discussions following an in-flight incident caused by severe turbulence resulting in a passenger’s death and 30 injuries, Singapore Airlines is set to pay bonuses.
Despite the incident, the flag carrier of Singapore remains highly regarded, having been named the world’s best airline by Skytrax World Airline Awards last year.

On the other side, Emirates Group, another major airline that has seen a significant increase in profits, will reward its employees with a bonus equal to 5 months’ salary.
Last year, Emirates Group experienced a 71% surge in annual profits, amounting to around $5 billion.

Emirates Group’s Bonus Program

Following the prosperous year, Emirates Group’s CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum announced a bonus equivalent to 20 weeks’ salary for its 111,406 employees from 84 different countries.
This bonus acknowledges employees’ efforts in advancing Emirates’ ambitions, although it is slightly lower than the 24-week bonus awarded the previous year.

Singapore Airlines’ Bonus Program

Conversely, Singapore Airlines is rumored, reported by CNN from an anonymous source, to be preparing to reward its employees with a bonus equal to 8 months’ salary.
Thanks to high air travel demand throughout the past year and the reopening of borders in Northern Asia, the airline achieved a record profit of 1.98 billion euros.

Despite the positive outlook, the airline CEO Goh Choon Phong recognizes potential challenges ahead due to geopolitical tensions, macroeconomic uncertainties, inflationary pressures, and supply chain constraints.
Nonetheless, the present remains promising, and employees are set to benefit from the company’s success.

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