What Happens When You Enter Your PIN Backwards: Unveiling a New Security Measure

Debunking the Myth of ATM PIN Reversal

For years, a rumor has circulated on the web claiming that entering your ATM PIN backwards while withdrawing cash would immediately alert the police.
The ATM would dispense the cash as if the correct PIN had been entered, but also trigger an alarm and notify law enforcement.
But guess what? It’s all a fake news story.

What Really Happens When You Enter Your PIN Backwards

As mentioned, it’s all a hoax – or a scam, if you will.
Entering your PIN backwards does not enable cash withdrawals or alert the police.
Since ATM computers operate with simple commands, the order in which numbers are entered doesn’t matter.
If the code is input incorrectly, the system will automatically recognize it as an incorrect PIN and immediately reject the transaction.

Authorities and banks would have long since warned the population if this rumor were true.
The internet harbors many dangers and false news stories that require utmost attention.

Preventing ATM Fraud

Instead, there are various ways to prevent theft while withdrawing cash from ATMs.
The simplest method is to adjust your daily withdrawal limit.

All bank cards come with a default limit for monthly or daily cash withdrawals, which varies from bank to bank.
It can be a good strategy to inquire whether it’s possible to modify this limit.
If the daily limit has already been reached, the ATM will not allow any further withdrawals, preventing outsiders from using the card to steal your money.

These limits can be set for both card payments and ATM withdrawals, as well as online transactions.
Another valuable tip is to withdraw as little cash as possible, opting to make necessary daily payments with credit or debit cards instead.
Such transactions can be traced, and in case of fraud, the bank offers refunds – something not guaranteed with cash payments.

If you suspect fraud, have lost your card, or it has been stolen, it’s essential to promptly notify your bank and law enforcement agencies.

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