Average salary in Switzerland: how much you earn in the Swiss country

Switzerland is notoriously recognized as a rich land, where the tax burden is not so preponderant and the business opportunities are decidedly favourable.
On the other hand, however, the Swiss country is also a place where maintenance costs are not exactly low, also considering, obviously, the quality of services and, in general, of life.
Given the premises, then, how much is the average salary in Switzerland? What is the difference with our salaries and how much do you actually earn? Let's discover data and estimates, from area to area.
Average salary in Switzerland: the guide to the Swiss salary Average salary in Switzerland: this is how much you earn (in euros) The comparison with Italy The salary difference between men and women The salary difference depending on the area Average salary in Switzerland: this is how much you earn earns (in euros) The Federal Statistical Office is a Swiss federal authority that deals with the collection and processing of public statistical data.
It is, in simple terms, the Swiss equivalent of our Istat.
And it is the maximum source of information, also in economic and salary terms, on the state of health and development of salaries in the country.
The recently published data refers to 2022, the last period processed, and marks an important crossroads as it concerns the first entirely post-pandemic year since 2019.
Although the impact on wages, from this point of view, may have been relative.
According to statistics, the average gross monthly salary in Switzerland for full-time employment amounts to 6,788 CHF (Swiss francs), i.e.
more than 6,985 euros.
This statistic certifies continuous growth from year to year.
From 2014 to today, in fact, the average salary in Switzerland has marked a significant increase of 370 euros, going from 6,615 euros 10 years ago to 6,985 in 2022.
The comparison with Italy, 6,985 euros is synonymous with a very high salary and , so to speak, wealthy.
Especially when compared with the average Italian salary; in this situation, a gap that is difficult to fill is certified.
In fact, for 2024 in our country there is a gross monthly sum of 2,329.53 euros, calculated on 13 monthly payments, which drops to 2,163 euros for 14 monthly payments.
It means that a Swiss salary is equivalent to approximately 3 Italian salaries, with all the necessary comparisons and exceptions.
The wage difference between men and women The data from the Swiss Federal Statistics Office represent not only the economic and labor reality of the country but also how much it has evolved over time.
An example above all is the wage difference between men and women, which in the latest survey reached an all-time low: 9.5% gap.
A figure that is not yet satisfactory but still encouraging, considering that only in 2008 the percentage difference was above 16%.
Here is the table with the average salaries for men and women and the median value, divided by job and level.
The sums reported are gross and in euros and may differ slightly depending on the currency exchange period (CHF – EUR).
Women Men Average Average salary 6,584 euros 7,273 euros 6,985 euros Upper and middle management 9,845 euros 11,540 euros 10,996 euros Lower management 8,561 euros 9,565 euros 9,176 euros Lower management 7,282 euros 7,859 euros 7,645 euros Without management function 6,118 euros 6,490 euros 6,346 euros Yes you may notice, the salary difference between men and women is more felt for higher management levels, while it narrows significantly (even in percentage) for employees without management functions.
read also Working in Switzerland: earnings, most requested jobs and everything you need to know The difference in wages depending on the area Anyone who thinks that the average salary shows the same numbers throughout Switzerland is greatly mistaken.
There are, in fact, notable differences based on the region of employment, which certify a gap of almost 1,800 euros between the highest and lowest average wages.
Below is a summary table of average gross salaries by location, in euros.
Lake Geneva Region 7,050 euros Espace Mittelland 6,950 euros North-Western Switzerland 7,173 euros Zurich 7,441 euros Eastern Switzerland 6,530 euros Central Switzerland 6,978 euros Ticino 5,754 euros From these data it is clear that Zurich and the surrounding areas are undoubtedly the best ones for earning opportunities , with an average salary that exceeds (and not by little) 7,400 euros.
On the other hand, however, the southernmost slope, namely Ticino, is at the bottom of the ranking, with 1,200 euros less than the average Swiss salary (just over 5,750 euros).
A value that is, however, approximately 2.5 times the average Italian salary.
Those who want to move to Switzerland to work must also consider these absolutely fundamental factors.

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